East Zone Athletics has been postponed


East zone two day long Athletics tournament has been postponed which was scheduled to start from September 9 at Kolkata. Due to heavy rain around the country for the last couple of months many of the states from North East failed to enter attend this tournament and for this circumstance Athletics Federation has made this decision.

Now as per the new schedule this same tournament will start from September 17. Last time this tournament held at Guwahati where Tripura won total 16 medals including 5 gold medals.

This time around Tripura Athletics association is hoping for more improving performance by the athletes in this tournament.

To get success two hours daily practice sessions have been going on at Dasarath Deb stadium. Tripura will leave for the tournament on September 12 by train as this time around total 35 athletes will try to win more medals from the tournament. Coach Bikalpa Rudra Paul in an interview said,” As per the preparation is concern all the players are giving their one hundred percent in practice which will surely rectify their performance in the tournament. In strongly believe that this time around more medals will be won by our athletes including gold medals also. My strong believe is that the players will not make us disappoint. Athletes like Madhumita Deb, Priyanka Sharma, Bijoy Shil, Big Babool Tripura, Manoj Choudhury,, Punam Mitra and Gopal Saha will surely win gold medals from this tournament.”