Discussion meeting to be held on Dec 7


Retired SAI coach Dipak Chakraborty will be felicitated by his students soon as the time and date of the felicitation ceremony will be decided through a discussion meeting which will be held on December 7at Swami Vivekananda stadium from 6.00 pm. 

Former Footballer cum Coach Dipak Chakraborty went to Kalyani 30 years back due to his service life but before that he has introduced players like Shibjyoti Chakraborty, Kaushik Roy, Rajesh Roy Choudhury, Suvenjit Saha, Mithu Paul by acknowledge their talents.

Later these players played in the national level for Tripura and did exceptionally well. These students of Dipak Chakraborty now decided to felicitate their teacher thorough a ceremony and the date will be decided on December 7.

Suvenjit Sinha urged to all the students of their respected sir to remain present in the meeting on time.