CRS completed in Santirbazar-Belonia route


After a wait of 53 long years, the bordering town of Belonia today once again heard the whistle of a full-fledged train thanks to the CRS inspection team which today passed clearance on the 9.8 kilometer long Santirbazar-Belonia Broad Gauge route.

As scheduled the Commissioner of Railway Safety Sailesh Kumar Pathak today along with higher officials of NF Railway (constructions) conducted inspection on both the constructions and speed capability that the route could handle for full-fledged coaches.

Later on, speaking at a press conference at Agartala Railway station compound Safety Commissioner Sailesh Kumar expressed his satisfaction subsequent to the commission. He said, the entire construction throughout the route stands on the “Out Standing” category except minor loopholes which are suggested to be maintained with no time.

“The entire route which consists of 39 bridges, 24 minor bridges, 4 ROBs (Road under Bridges), 10 RUB (Road under Bridges), and a handful of subways is now absolutely free for 100km/h speed average journey and if very shortly the clearance reports will be forwarded to the Secretary of Railway Board and Ministry of Railways” he added.

While asked of the construction costs, he informed the cost in Tripura specially was a little higher owing to the silly terrain but the services that were installed here are more than enough eying on the traffic. He also informed that the electrification process is also in the pipeline and within coming five years all routes will be electrified as targeted.

The arrival of train at Belonia is also special in a sense that till the late 1965, the Bangladesh portion of the city which also named alike has an operational railway station. The early morning freight engine use to awake the people. But due to uncertain reasons the services were stopped there which left the people of Belonia losing the essence of railway services. Huge crowd was also seen surrounding the station located at just the outskirt of the city.