Cong did not resolve Dambur, Bru issues: BJP


State BJP spokesperson Nabendu Bhattacharjee on Monday alleged that the Congress did not resolve the issues related to Dambur eviction and Bru repatriation despite being in power.

Reacting on former Congress president Birajit Sinha’s remarks on families Dambur and Bru, he alleged that the CPIM and Congress were hatching conspiracies to trigger a disturbance in the state.

“Congress has been in power when the Dambur hydel project is constructed. The Bru-crisis also emerged when the Congress has been in power at Mizoram. But they did not pay attention to this. Now, when the ruling party of the state is taking measures to resolve the problem permanently, they are trying to gain political milage out of it” Bhattacharjee alleged.

He also alleged that some of the political leaders were also trying to trigger tension between the tribal and bengali community people.