CNG van caught fire two passengers injured


Fire broke out at a CNG operated Maruti Van today when it was going from Khilpara to Maharani with 4 passengers. Sources said that suddenly fire caught at the car when it came at Fulkumari Tri Junction at Maharani today.

Anyhow the passengers and driver jumped from the car. In the incident two passengers got minor injury. On being informed Fire Service rushed to the spot and extinguished the fire. In the meantime the entire car reduced into ashes. The incident created panic among the people of the locality.

It also mentionable here that many CNG operated cars are being operated on Udaipur town with gas cylinders without any permission of Vehicle department. As a result chances of such accident are increasing day by day.

The percentage of such illegal vehicles is not less than 40 percent. Sources said that Transport department will conduct raid in the town to sort out such illegally operated CNG cars.

Meanwhile demands raised among common people to detect such cars.