Brick kilns polluting environment at Udaipur


Large numbers of brick kilns are polluting the environment at Maharani area of Udaipur subdivision. Meanwhile 10 brick kilns are functioning at Maharani area. Besides, few more brick kilns are preparing bricks at Khilpara, Radhanagar and Pitra areas of the subdivision.

The black smoke released by the chimney is polluting the clean environment directly at Maharani area.

As a result there is no existence of cleanliness at the adjacent areas. Local people alleged that the brick kilns are continuously violating the rules and regulations of Tripura Pollution Control Board.

As a result the amount of Carbon Monoxide is increasing day by day.

Although question raised by the local people how most of the brick kilns are getting certificate of TPCB by polluting the environment every day.

The department has no role to save the environment whereas huge amount of fund is being spent in the name of saving the environment.

Sources said that the vehicles of brick kilns have no valid document. Many vehicle drivers have no driving license.

Meanwhile local people raise demand to TPCB and Vehicle department to take necessary steps the brick kilns.