Board results: Mathematics the toughest subject to be cleared


Mathematics has been always considered to be a subject to worry about. Students of Science stream who are known to be the well performers in previous board exams very often drop the subject while preparing for the Higher Secondary papers. On the other hand, in Madhyamik where the paper is compulsory to be attempted many students find it as the hardest of all subjects.

Even great scientist like Albert Einstein once said, “Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater” which can easily describe the phobia regarding mathematics among students. But many of the successor mathematicians later argued Einstein’s quote and said, it is impossible to know precisely what Einstein meant by the quote without being able to ask him.

But, what has made the subject more predominant for discussion is the poor results of Mathematics in Madhyamik and Higher Secondary Examinations—2019. Speaking to this correspondent President of Tripura Board of Secondary Education Bhabatosh Saha also expressed his concerns over the repeated poor performance of state students in Mathematics and said, it has become a yearly phenomenon; results in mathematics are not at all improving in the Board exams which may also discourage the aspirants of later years.

This year, he added, altogether 3170 students have appeared for mathematics in the Higher Secondary exams but only 1506 of them could clear the papers, less than 50 percent of the total. And, among the successful candidates, only a handful of them could secure a worthy total. Last year’s results were also similar, he added disappointingly.

Whereas, in Madhyamik, altogether 33,583 students appeared the math exams and only 23,474 students could clear the paper with a pass percentage of 69.90 percent. Where in the Higher Secondary, Mathematics was the subjects where the least number of students passed, in Madhyamik it was the secured the second position after Hindi where the performance of students was not up to the mark, according to the result sheets.   

The main reason behind this might be a too much preference to Biology. Biology offers a wide range scope to be accessed in the field of medical and paramedics which are considered to be well established professions in the society but yet mathematics has its own charm, argued a notable mathematics teacher of the city who wished to remain unquoted. He also suggested students to practice mathematics regularly to get rid of this math-phobia.