Beauty Contest at Teliamura on May 28


For the first time Teliamura Subdivision level ‘Beauty Contest’ will be organized with initiative of Rup Jyoti Beauty Parlor. Proprietor of the Parlor Sneha gupta Roy gave this announcement at a press conference yesterday. The contest will be held at Teliamura Town Hall on May 28.

It is also worthy to mention that resident of Rajnagar at Teliamura Sneha Gupta Roy converted into woman from man by sex change and construction of hormone in 2010 at a private medical organization in Mumbai in 2010. She is the first citizen of the state who converted from male to female by cosmetic and plastic surgery and got legal recognition as woman.

Since then Sneha was concerned with business of Beauty Parlor and working to upgrade the education, liberty and right of socially backward girls and woman at Teliamura.

The beauty contest organized to develop personality of girls and women in between 18 to 32 years.