Agri-production halted except grains


The lack of necessary infrastructure is concurrently halting the agri-based production of the state. Except the cultivation food grains, no other food product which could enhance the agrarian economy is up to the mark, next to the expectations.  

As per the reports furnished by statistics and marketing division of agriculture, only the production food grains were found touching the requirement stats, whereas oilseeds and pulses are going down with a dearth count of 89% and 74% in the last financial year.

The oilseeds cultivated during the Rabi season which includes Rape & Mustard, Ground nut, Flax seed and Soyabean are purportedly failed to meet at least half of the requirement. Even the target set by the department itself could not be filled with anticipation. Last year in Rabi oilseeds, the target was taken to produce 14,200 MT including 9,900 MT Mustard, 3,300 ground nut, 500 MT Flax seed and Soyabean in the same but the achievement table was mostly concluded with the half performance.

Same in case of the Rabi pulses the target was set aiming to produce 700 MT of the desired produces like Maize, Sorghum, Moong, Lentil, Pea and others but the finish line ended with a count of 373 MT, hardly crossing the half as desired.

Similarly as above, the production of Kharif crops are also heeding successfully reposing a par. The target of the Kharif pulses was finalized taking 4,388 MT as the final production including Maize, Foxtail, Arhar, Moong, Gram and a few others, where the achievement was found being limited within 3,464 MT, the highest of the last year.

Meanwhile, concerning the Kharif oilseeds, the department targeted to evolve a production of 400 MT which however finished off with a zero. However, regarding food grains the last year achievement was just lagging behind with 5% as targeted which is this year considered to be touched successfully, as departmental sources. The most accounted reason behind such failures last year so on the preceded one, is regarded due to the lack of processing units, as per the experts.