5 students injured by explosion in Chemistry Lab at college


At least five students injured in a huge explosion at Chemistry Laboratory in Dharmanagar College today. Among them, three students have been shifted to Dharmanagar District Hospital in serious condition.

The injured students are Papiya Bhattacharjee, Satarupa Dutta, Raj Gupta, Susmita Das and Sunanda Paul.

Sources said that the five students were busy in chemical experiments at Chemistry Laboratory. Although, Principal of the college Suman Adhikari was present at the laboratory at that time. The students of Chemistry Honours were busy in their practical class under supervision of the principal. But the students allegedly used materials in the experiment in excess quantity which caused the explosion.

Sources said that the quantity of Sulfuric Acid poured in large quantity due to negligence of students. Immediately the explosion broke out.

Among the students Susmita Das and Sunanda Paul were released after preliminary treatment. But the condition of Papiya Bhattacharjee, Satarupa Dutta, Raj Gupta deteriorated.

Meanwhile some students created pressure on college authority to take responsibility of medical expenses of the students. At last the college authority agreed and sent the three students to Agartala Medical College at night today.

Meanwhile allegation raised about suspension of appointment of Lab Assistant at the colleges. The works of temporary staffs are engaged for management of laboratory. As a result the Principal of the college has to take responsibility to supervise the practical classes.