2 journalists deprived of pension


The decision of State Cabinet on payment of pension for retired journalists is not being implemented as a result of undue complicacy of officials.

Two journalists Radhakanta Nath and Pijush Chakraborty submitted their application to get pension in April, 2018. Radhakanta Nath (66) is an accredited Journalist during last 23 years. Pijush Chakraborty (68) is accredited during last 25 years.

The department also admitted that documents of the two journalists were appropriate. In spite of that their pension has not been approved. Meanwhile Journalists Arun Kumar Nath, Asit Chakraborty and Pradip Chakraborty started to get pension Rs.10,000 per month from July, 2018 who had been getting pension Rs.1000 per month according to decision of previous government. But the failure of department to introduce pension for the two senior journalists proved negligence and complicacy of officials.