Woman gives delivers at streets, locals irked


In an awful incident, a woman was forced to give birth to her child at streets as she was casted out of the basic medical amenities available at Dhalai district hospital located at Kulai.

Bulti Munda (35), a brick kiln labourer with the local DBCC owned kiln gave birth to her child on the streets (near Basudeb Para), while she was on her way to the kilns along with her mother after being driven out off the hospital. Hundreds of passerby vehicles eye-witnessed the incident and raged voice against the health administration of the subdivision.

Reportedly, Bulti got admitted to Kulai hospital on Tuesday late in the night with labor-pain. She was accordingly started being taken care of and relatable medications in the female ward. But suddenly, last night a doctor served the ailing Bulti with a refer-letter and told her that her delivery could not took place in the hospital.

Mother of Bulti Munda, who was taking care of her daughter pleaded the doctors not to do so as it could cause serious harms to the life of both her daughter and would be grandchild, added the sources of in the hospital.

Finding no way out, her mother taking her with, started for the kiln adjoining labour camps and the tragic incident took place which her mother was feared of. However, both the new-born and the mother are out of danger right now and now staying at the kiln adjoining labour camps.