Water crisis prevails in DNM and Ambassa


An acute crisis of drinking water has so much hit a fewer rural pockets of Dhalai and North Tripura districts that prompted people to take the streets on for such a basic necessity.

In an outbreak agitation today people of Saraspur village under Dharmanagar Subdivision, held road blockade in demand of adequate arrangements of drinking water which later tackled down by local BJP leaders.

The rage of people was also high on the feat because of a long deprivation even though former Minister Bijita Nath who is still an elected member comes from the village. The village irrespective of seasons repeatedly feels such a crisis and the mystery behind the problem is still to be unfolded.

After a seasoned protest a pump house was constructed in the adjoining area of Baragul but surprisingly the problem got doubled.

Reportedly, the water supply rotation is almost deteriorated due to alleged wrongful play of rotator Sanju Nath. Several occasions complaints were registered but no measures were taken.

However, local BJP leaders rushed to the location and undertaken the boiling situation assuring proper initiative.

On the other hand, such a scene was also noticed in various rural pockets under Kachimchara ADC village. The thinly populated areas of Khali Kaloi Para, Krishna Kumar Para, Debbarma Para, Charan Kanti Para and many more the only sources of drinking water is rivulets running all through.

Reportedly, in such a situation the schools located in the areas are also forced to stop feeding mid-day meal due to drinking water crisis. Panchayat secretary Chaitanya Debbarma in this regard informed, earlier several projects of deep tube wells were taken but due to unknown reasons the sources got dried up.

Now the block office has been informed of the unforeseen situation and it would be sorted out shortly, he added.