Skill development programme at Central Correctional home


A day starts with meditation imparted by experts from Prajapita Brahma Kumari centre and later follows all the way through distinguished activities - Gardening, Tailoring, Bamboo Bucketing, Flowering and intense training on bakery. The schedule is not at all of an elite boarding school or monastery conveying knowledge on spirituality but the activities of inmates residing in Central Correctional Home (Kendriya Sangsodhanalay), Tripura.

The institution which is earlier known as Central Jail was reconstituted as central correctional home with a displacement from the city to Bishalgarh, a half and an hour journey from the city has many other projects in the pipeline to frame the correctional home as a mega institution providing skill based training.

Speaking to the newsman a higher official of the prison directorate informed, the prison department and directorate of skill development has started a joint venture here in the home to drive the lives of jail inmates to a positive direction.

“Such projects are not at all new, nationally known prisons like Tihar, Alipur and Yerwada central jails has already stepped into such works but yes, for North East it is for the first time when a central jail is taking forward such a project” said the official in the condition of unanimity.

A unique brand was also launched as TRICOS, under which the products made by jail inmates will be highlighted all over. Till now an outlet has been opened in the AITORMA complex where all the products from confectionaries to crafts are being sold in an adequate quantity and we are trying heart and soul to open a confectionary outlet in a crowded point to highlight the efforts, he informed.  

SDM Bisalgarh Sudhakar Shinde, who is now serving as the acting super of the prison also informed, the central correctional home has already installed a bakery unit of 1 ton production capability within the premises and 20 inmates are being taught the procedures to run it. In terms of Bamboo bucketing 60 inmates have already given training in episodic batches of 20 each. The gardening is also going in a sophisticated way.