Opposition discontented on web-cam scrutiny, demands necessary actions


Almost a week after the web-cam scrutiny of polling stations subsequent to the first phase of Lok Sabha elections, both the major opposition parties of the state—CPIM and Congress today called for a second round of the exercise at it was done in absence their representatives.

In separate press conferences, both parties clarified that no one from their side remained present during the web-cam scrutiny exercise which was surprisingly reported in contrast. Speaking to the reporters at Congress Bhavan this evening, TPCC secretary and spokesperson Rahul Saha claimed, the course of scrutiny was conducted on April 12 and13 last but the state unit of Congress party was not at all informed regarding the matter.

He also alleged, the state counterpart of election commission had tried to misinterpret the election conducting body through misleading facts. “What the Chief electoral officer claimed in front of the media in the aftermath of the first phase of polls was exactly the opposite what has occurred” he added. However, the party had also wrote a letter addressing the Deputy Election Commissioner, Sudip Jain where the party alleged that all the information forwarded to the election commission of India were at the behest of some vested intentions.

Meanwhile, in a later press conference at CPIM state headquarters, CPIM candidate of West Tripura constituency, Sankar Prasad Datta also raised a point of suspicion on regarding the issue. The incumbent MP Datta said, in the first day of CCTV scanning, CPIM election agents were informed moments before the commencement of the exercise seemed to have with the intention so that no one from the party could attend, and the on April 13, a representative our party partook in the process but was forced to keep silent by the administration.

CPIM state secretary, Goutam Das termed the chain of events as a well concerted conspiracy. “As per our reports, there was incidences of large-scale violence, the committed voters of CPIM were threatened and now the videography rip-off. Even the Election Commission has also lodged FIR with local police stations which prove the extent of violation” he said.

He also demanded re-poll in altogether 846 polling stations out of the 1679 which count more than 50%. “If the election commission taking all the grounds in consideration gives re-polls for the entire constituency, it would have generated an impression of impartiality among the electorates and all the political parties towards the election commission” Das anticipated.