Modi claims thousand hearts, promises of 'model state'


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today once again claimed thousand hearts interspersing his speech with “Kokborok” and “Bengali” quotes in the beginning and at the end, both the most spoken languages of the state that promises to reach the state atop in all possible aspects. 

The Prime Minister who is one his less than a quarter of a day visit to the state also officially unveiled a number of new projects, an exclusive book written by Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb and a statue of Maharaja Bir Bikram, the creator of modern Tripura as a part of central government’s most recent campaign of honouring the unsung “Hero”s throughout the country. 

In a large gathering at Swami Vivekananda Ground, where Prime Minister was welcomed in a rousing manner where chants of “Modi...Modi” were pouring in it was assured that “Tripura will be on the top place” by none other than the Prime Minister himself. 

He said, the people of the state witnessed a 11 month government which works on the principals of development and universal democracy and soon after my arrival in the state I observed the positive zest among people which was nowhere during my earlier visits, he claimed. 

The stage is set now, Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb and his league has taken several initiatives that are aimed to give people more and more weeding out the middleman frenzy, he said. 

I came to know, he added, 62,000 fake ration cards were being eliminated which takes the national count to 8 crore, the FCI is buying paddy from farmers which means there is no need for the poorer section to be dependent on others. 

But now the question arises, Modi continued, who have given the middlemen franchisee to loot what the poor people deserves, who have encouraged the corruption, it is the people who are now in a league to beat Modi, he claimed.  

Venting ire on the opposition—the Left, the brigade and the Congress, naming no one he alleged, there are hundreds of leaders based in Delhi who are in the run up to assault “Modi”. Roping in a flock of leaders who are yet to bridge their own differences they have taken part in a competition of abusing Modi. Whatever you ask to them, they will answer you with only one thing—an abusive for Modi. The more you ask the more abusive will be chanted, sometimes with a greater pitch, he claimed in rhetoric note.

Reiterating his earlier claim of “HIRA” that stands for Highways, Internet, Railways and Airways, he highlighted the new projects like Feni Bridge, Waterway connection with the Ashuganj port and second convent of MBB Airport that are claimed to turn Tripura to an commercial hub of the South East Asia, he said, the government is in the process to implement all such projects within the time and the “Majboot (strong)” government in the Centre will help the state in all possible ways. 

He also however questioned the CPM whether the Gomati river was not there in the state or the people working in the unorganised sector was not there. “The people who claimed that they are proletarians had contributed nothing but playing vote bank cards but in the recent budget the central government incorporated instant solution of the monetary constraints that the dawn to dusk workers confront everyday” he added.

Moreover, he also drew a descriptive on how the government’s interim budget will give people financial autonym and the recent resolution taken on the territorial councils. He also praised the state government for fresh recruitment policy based on merit and told the gathering that these hard decisions could only be taken if a Majboot government takes the charge. 

Training his guns at the opposition, he further added, the people who are now trying to play communal card will be judged by the people themselves. Nobody can escape the eyes of common masses and “I am sure the mandate of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections will for a Majboot government than a Majboor government, he concluded.