Mizoram Chief Minister declares as Dry-state


Keeping the top chartered post-poll promise, MNF Chief Zoramthanga soon after assuming the office as the Chief Minister of Mizoram, declared the state as a dry-state.

As per the decision taken by the Chief Minister, selling and consumption alcohol in the state would be a punishable offence and the time of imposition is fixed from the first day of January  next year.

Moreover, from December 21 to January 14 next which is considered as the biggest festive period for Christians strict prohibitions would be imposed on any sort of intoxicants—both in selling or using.

However, this strict law will cause serious loss for the licensed liquor barons which are fifty in number throughout the eight districts of the state. It will also cause incurring huge loss for two authorized bar owners, informed the sources.

The struggle of MNF has the prime agenda of to oust the increasing trend of consuming alcohol among the young section of the state which was known as dry state before 2015. As soon as the Congress government took charge of the state on January 2015 last the government allowed selling of alcohol in the state. And incessant use of alcohol becomes a major concern of the Christian dominates state.

It is also believed that the MNF won the elections as it has weaponed the anti-alcohol sentiment of the state people and now it had successfully banned it. Otherwise, the party which bagged only 5 seats on the last elections, how come it could secure dominance in the 40 member assembly, observed the political analysts.