Lack of dermatologist causes Trouble at Gomati Dist Hospital


Common people of Udaipur subdivision demanded intervention of Health minister Badal Choudhury to provide a specialist doctor of Dermatology at Gomati District Hospital.

Sources said that a specialist doctor of dermatology was appointed at the District Hospital for six months. The doctor allegedly stayed on leave for long time on medical ground. Although allegation raised against him as he used to visit patients at his private chamber. However he transferred to Agartala on the ground of his illness. But he is still continuing private practice at his chamber even after his transfer to Agartala.

Now a question raised among the people of the subdivision how the leaders of Health department transferred the one and only doctor of dermatology without providing an alternative doctor. They also raised question why the existing doctor has been transferred if he was capable to continue private chamber at Udaipur subdivision ever after transfer. The doctor of dermatology was provided to the District Hospital in response to long pending demand of people of Gomati district. Now the demand of specialist doctor of dermatology raised all over the district.