FRC-LE to introduce Bufang Kaimani Ter for promoting Afforestation


FOREST RESEARCH CENTRE FOR LIVELIHOOD EXTENSION (FRC-LE) planned to introduce the concept of ‘Plantation Festival Initiative’ for Barkathal Village Cluster. The local community has also welcomed the idea and gave it a local name in Kokboroak language as "Bufang Kaimani Ter".

Bufang Kaimani Ter (Plantation Festival) will be aimed to make a memorable plantation event for the village cluster so that they celebrate it during every rainy season and also demonstrate it to other villages every year. The whole event comprises of 4 phases: (i) Planting saplings, (ii) Eat a Meal together, (iii) Play Sports, (iv) Cultural Events.

Shri Kaushik said that, Bufang Kaimani Ter (Plantation Festival) will be an Ecologically Sensitive Cultural Intervention and will be led by the local community. Saplings will be arranged by FRC-LE; however entire event-coordination and post-plantation supervision will be take care by the villagers. Next village level preparatory meeting is scheduled for June 30 to plan for the celebration of the Plantation Festival on July 5.

Shri Anil, the Lead volunteer is inviting interested Citizens and Organizations in Tripura to join and support this event by registering with us at / WhatsApp @ +91-94900 69000.