First Division League Football Tournament: Police-Egiye Chalo match ends in 2-2 draw


Once again bad decision by football referee came in to the limelight today in the ongoing First division league football tournament organized by Tripura Football association. In the match Tripura Police and Egiye Chalo ended up in 2-2 draw at Umakanta mini stadium. In the whole match Tripura Police played with sheer dominance but in the end due to a poor decision by referee Satyajit Debroy poured water on their good display.

When the match was 60 minutes old, a corner shot from Egiye Chalo’s Pranbab Sarkar went out of the side line and immediately referee signaled by whistle. But by surprising everyone Sagar Das pushed the ball towards foreign football Joseph and he scored the goal from nowhere. The most surprising scenario happened when referee Satyajit Debroy signaled it as goal refusing his previous decisions. Soon Police players made protest and left the field.

The match was stopped for five minutes but keeping in mind about what happened three years back, Police players entered in the match and the match has been resumed. In the end the match has been ended in 2-2 draw. In the 20th minute Pranad Sarkar scored the opening goal while 53rd minute Kiran Chetri scored the equalizer. In the 60th minute Egiye Chalo scored a controversial goal while just before the end Binod Kishore Jamatia scored the equalizer.