CPIM infiltrators behind the problems: Hannan


Unakoti district Congress President Badruzzaman Hannan today alleged that a fraction of CPIM workers who have successfully conquered the identity of BJP now are behind the scene of all illicit practices running in the Panchayats.

Speaking to the correspondent he pointed out, in the preceding Panchayat elections CPIM successfully formed the Panchayat board of Lathiapura Panchayat sweeping nine out of nine seats. But surprisingly soon after the change of guard in the state eight of the nine members even including the Pradhan and his deputy joined IPFT which led the party to open their account in Panchayats. Nonetheless, with a little span of time seven of the eight members moved towards BJP and the left over CPIM member along with the Upapradhan from BJP, joined Congress.

In such a situation, he added, the allegations of corruption which were not odd for the Panchayat board started of being leveled by the villagers. The sudden transmission of the Panchayat members was nothing but an act of prevention from the rage of people and now as they are the people of BJP they have the authority to do what they want, he alleged.

Blazing all his guns against the Panchayat members he claimed, several work orders were issued under PDF and FFC funds but with no single draw of spade, the funds were just vanished.

Specifying his comments he added, for road maintenance four work orders were issued which costs near about 1 lakh 35 thousand, for pipeline installation, deforestation, installation of mark two tube-wells and many other projects several lakhs of rupees were allotted but no works have taken place till date.

Meanwhile, he informed, the Upapradhan who is a Congressman now had approached the BDO of the block informing all the misdeeds. A delegation of Congress has submitted a memorandum but in vain. Subsequently, allegations were laos rose against the BDO for biased inquiry by the District Congress president.