Contractor demands investigation on repair of embankment


One contractor engaged in repairing of embankment of Manu River after devastating flood at Kailashahar demanded high level investigation on allotment of fund while another contractor succeeded to approve bill of Rs. 53 lakh after completion of 20 percent work of the embankment.

Meanwhile works of Rs. 2 crore done for temporary repair and maintenance of embankment of Manu River.

Sources said that the complainant contractor received half amount of his expenses after completion of 80 percent work of repair and maintenance. At the same time another contractor approved bill of Rs. 53 lakh after completion of rescue, distribution of relief materials to the affected persons.

Allegation raised that the corruption took place due to involvement of officers under Water Resource department. Meanwhile a letter sent to Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb demanding to take necessary step for high level investigation.

Information revealed that people of Kailashahar were seriously affected after devastating flood from June 13 to 16. Earlier water of Manu River started to increase as result of incessant rain. Executive Engineer of Water Resource department of Ashim Deb instructed two engineers to repair the embankment. Accordingly they repaired the embankment by filling sacks of sand and cement by side embankment. The bank of the river was repaired by sacks of fresh cement, filling brick at iron net.

About 35.000 sacks of sands collected when the flood was going on. Besides bricks collected with excess amount as they had to collect petrol diesel at Rs. 300 per liter as two petrol pumps went under water. Raju Chanda submitted bill of Rs. 53 lakh after completion of 80 percent work while another contractor got approval of similar amount of bill after completion of 20 percent work.