Collection of extortion for conference of TRKS


Collection of extortion by ruling coalition supporters started at full swing before completion of one year of the new government. The old supporters of Leftist period have started collection of subscription during period of saffron party by changing their political identity.

Sources said that TRKS organization approved by BMS is going to start the collection as it was collected from honest sincere employees during period of Left Front showing the threat of transfer.

Meanwhile an announcement has been given for some teachers to pay Rs. 200 as subscription for conference of TRKS. They also declared that they would think about the teachers who would not join in the conference. The teachers of saffron camp who were leftist leader during period of Left Front are inviting the teachers to attend the conference.

Some selected teachers of the school have been instructed to pay Rs. 200 without any receipt. Even the leaders of teachers are attending at schools when the examination was going on. 

Although present Chief Minister clearly said that there was no need of agitation programme. Even he opposed to collect any subscription from employees.

Meanwhile Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath declared that there was no transfer policy during the period of Left Front. He assured that present government is going to introduce a transfer policy.