CM cautions illegal activities by party workers


Venting ire on a fraction of BJP workers who are now admittedly involved in various illicit works including extortion at trade corridors, Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb today said, I have recognized the people involved in such unlawful practices using party’s name and I am warning all of them to stop, otherwise something very harsh would take place.

Chief Minister who was speaking in a conference of Pristha Pramukhs (Page-in Charge) at Charipara School under Badharghat constituency, he said, a Pristha Pramukh depicts me to the 60 voters, he is authorized to care for and if the workers who are my strength involve in illegal activities or me myself engage in something very tarnishing for the post I am holding, surely the party will lose it stand in front of people. Therefore, both the party workers and state leadership should work on the line of people’s interest not for self, he suggested.

Reacting on the questions of commoners who often ask “what did I get from the party” he clarified, there is nothing to get from the party. The people of the state are already leading a life of advantage as they ousted a political party that gives party membership, the highest priority.

Rubbishing opposition’s claim on law and order, he reacted, crime rates has came down, dowry victims cases reduced by 40%, molestation cases came down by 20% and average rape instances also brought down by 10% which shows real indices of law and order. And the people who are today facing law and order crisis, under their regime I was attacked several occasions while partaking in party activities.  

Meanwhile, conferring responsibilities to the Pristha Pramukhs and local MLAs he said, every MLA should have a meeting in every ten days with the Pristha Pramukhs about the local issues. The Pristha Pramukhs are also need to socialize with the voters and take care of their needs and requirements no matter what his political background is.

Notably, such a conference was also organized in ten constituencies throughout the state and Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb addressed in three such events at Charilam, Badharghat and Barjala.