CFLE observing Van Mahotsav in Tripura


A programme on “Van Mahotsav Week” was observed by Centre for Forest-based Livelihoods and Extension (CFLE) at Yesrai village, Barkathal, Hejamara R.D Block in collaboration with Jana Unnayan Samity Tripura (JUST).

The dignitaries who attended the programme includes Chief Guest – Bishop Lumen Monteiro, Chairman, JUST; Fr. Jeevan Kennady, Director, JUST; Dr. Biswajit Das, Principal Scientist, ICAR; Shri Pawan K. Kaushik, Regional Director, CFLE and members of local Farmer’s Club celebrated the VanMahotsav programme by introducing commercially important bamboo species in the locality. Plantation programme was arranged by CFLE in collaboration with JUST.

Some of the bamboo species like Kanak kaich, Pecha, Hill jati, Rupai, Buddha belly and Guadua and other plant species like Chandan, Noni, Ashoka, Areca Palm, Yangchak, Australian Babulwere distributed for planting to the farmers of Yesrai village.