CEM exchanges opinion with people in ADC


Chief Executive Member of ADC Radhacharan Debbarma visited Pramod Nagar, Daharam Sarder Para, Tarapad Para, Pathalia Ghat, Guliar and Ujan Pathalia of Jampuijala subdivision today.

MP Sankar Prasad Dutta, former MLA Keshab Debbarma and MDC Ramendra Debbarma accompanied him during the visit.

During visit Radhacharan Debbarma exchanged his opinion with people of the locality. Speaking to media during visit CEM alleged that government noticed 150 beneficiaries of allowance to suspend their payment of allowance.

As a result common people are suffering from different problems. CEM also got allegation from local people that damaged roads had not been repaired which were affected during rainy season.

Talking to businessman CEM knew that selling and buying seriously affected during last few months. So their income reduced due to reduction in purchasing power of people. Besides, in context of the motor workers CEM said, “they are facing lots of troubles daily income reduced to Rs. 250 to Rs. 350.” 

Talking to vegetable farmers CEM knew that huge vegetable damaged due to untimely rain before few days. Moreover they have not got any government help. As a result they are not getting proper price of vegetable.

CEM assured the businessmen that Gulirai Bazar would be repaired with the help of fund from ADC and MP fund. CEM also alleged that hindrance created to the elected public representatives so they could not take initiative of development work.

Besides, gambling is going on at full swing in the name of Orchestra at different areas. CEM appealed to the state government to restore environment of peace and harmony and healthy social environment by stopping gambling.