Blood component exchange with WB soon: Sudip


Health and Family Welfare Minister Sudip Roy Barman today publicly announced that the state health department is trying heart and soul to begin an understanding so that it could exchange Plasma with RBC (Red Blood Corpuscles) from its West Bengal counterpart.

Addressing a Blood Donation Programme at state Pollution Control Board, he said, every year a good number of Plasma units get decomposed due to lack of opportunities to be utilized. That is why the health department has taken a unique initiative to exchange the extra units of Plasma with West Bengal and get RBC in lieu of.

Plasma is an important component of the Blood that is needed to treat the patients having burn injuries. We are lucky enough that such incidents are rare here but there are other diseases like Thelasemia and Cancer where RBC is a supreme need. This circumstance has driven us to take unique steps to fill the gap between necessity and availability, Barman added.

If all falls in the right direction the government will be signing a knot of understanding very soon, he assured. He also further added that the health department has also decided not to use the blood units as a single medium to carry out the transfusion. The department has directed the health officials to give blood to the patients as per requirement—if someone has lack of Plasma or RBC or WBC he should be given the separated units.

“All the three blood component separation units at IGM, GB and Gomati District Hospital are on the job”, he said adding that soon the number separation units will be increased as sometimes the initial six hours when separation is possible get over till the blood reaches from the camps of faraway places.