Banks should become public friendly: Finance Minister


Finance Minister Jishnu Devbarma today pressed for better relationship between lenders and bankers so that the state which is eyeing to meet self reliance could become so in a true sense.

He also advised the bank officials not give loose to the people who are not willing to repay the lone but to give chance to the people who have a vision to develop business.

Addressing the state credit seminar at Pragna Bhavan he claimed, from different parts of the state allegations were raised that bank officials are not friendly with the money lenders. Such sort of circumstances from the very beginning hits the courage of a Youngman who tends to prove his credibility. The banks should understand what a lender tries to convey through his project and then let the higher authorities decide, he added.

He also suggested, all the banks are for people but whenever we ask someone a similar reply we get that in banks people are forced to move desk to desk with one query. The banks should pay attention to these problems otherwise people will lose believe on the banking system, he warned.

He also further stated that the state is gradually being connected with rest of the country following which business opportunities are getting broader and broader, so it is the high time for the bankers to aid the people in need.