Asian Masters Athletics Bikram, Sefali win bronze


Bikram Singh Rathode and Sefali Bardhan got huge success in the recently concluded 20th Asian Masters Athletics tournament which was held at Hindu in China from September 24-28.

In the tournament India won 130 medals and secured the second position. Host China bagged the first category in overall category. Playing for the national team Bikram Singh Rathode in 35-39 categories won bronze medal in Pole Vault.

Also in the 110 meter huddle Bikram got the fourth place. While in 60-64 category Sefali Bardhan grabbed the bronze medal in Long Jump. Both these athletes have been congratulated by the state master’s athletics association and will be felicitated very soon.

The members of the association believe that both these athletes not only made proud of their country but also highlighted the name of Tripura in the biggest stage.