Art to keep joggers spirit alive


It was a well-weathered Sunday evening last week, the rush of people was typically high than the week days at the “Dim Sagar Park”. A tiny little boy in the entrance seemed not very excited to enter the park. The boy accompanied with his father was there for an evening “jogging” session—what most people exactly go there for.

He was at his wit’s end to convince his father that he might have missed an important episode of his favourite cartoon show but in vain. The thin boy, almost crying, had no other choice but to follow the instruction of his father and started walking.

Suddenly he stopped. His father who was few yards ahead came back and tried to discover whether there was anything wrong or so. Moments after, he realized, it was the animated wall painting wielding influence on the tinny guy who has a deep interest in painting.

The boy then approached the artists and tried his hands too in the wall. The father, Rakesh Das, told the correspondent, after that Sunday I never forced him to accompany me to the Park instead he leaves no stone unturned to make me come here.   

However, he was not alone; people of different ages who regularly visit the park are very happy with this new initiative. The paintings that are not only brushed down here also educate people in a number of issues ranging from Swachha Bharat Mission to gender equality. There are other significant genres too to be looked at.

“The paintings have offered me an ease, my son is suffering from obesity and he was advised to free-hand exercise every day. But he is not at all interested to come here. Now these wall paintings have become a reason for which he never refutes to come as he wanted to be painter” said a middle-aged woman excitedly.  

There are paintings which tell stories of the glorious history of the state. There are murals that tell about state’s culture, festival, literature, tourism etc. A painting is also dedicated to Dipa Karmakar, the gymnastic sensation of the state.  

Speaking to us, Debojyoti Nath, a member of the expert committee constituted by Agartala Municipal Corporation in this regard said, this is the first of all, the municipal corporation at the behest of Agartala Smart City Mission is planning give the city a new look and thus the professional artists were engaged in this job.

He also added. This move has also ensured a good remuneration for the artists. Being a tiny state—people associated with arts were given very little attention, in many cases artist were forced to leave the profession confronting day to day financial hurdles.

Each of the artists appointed to paint the walls with murals, graffiti and other such images are being paid Rs. 200 per square feet, he added saying that this has shown a way as to how the skilled hands could be utilized in making of a province.