2 years child care leave for women employees in Tripura


As per the direction of the apex court, the Tripura Left front government has brought uninterrupted leave for two years for its women employees for child care, which also includes needs like examination and sickness. The decision has come up on Tuesday in a cabinet meeting at the secretariat office. 

While briefing the cabinet decision the Information and Cultural Affairs Minister Bhanulal Saha today said, "The case for uninterrupted two-year leave for child care also includes needs like examination and sickness."

He said, "A new provision has been brought in the staye leave rules through 13th amendment of Tripura Civil Service Leave Rules 1986."

"As per the provision an women employee shall get 730 days paid leave during her service period for child care and other related issues besides her normal leave, " adding the minister said, "A woman government employee having minor children below 18 years can avail CCL for maximum period of 730 days i.e. during the entire service period for taking care of upto two children."